Four Favorite Fall Soups

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Favorite Fall Soups

Soup and Fall time!! Four Favorite Soups For The Fall Season are Here! Hooray!  Here at C&F we LOVE fall and we love our fall soups even more. Nothing is more comforting than a nice bowl of warm soup on a cold fall day. Soups are so versatile and flexible. Sometimes you can just throw what you have in a pot and voila! Eat it by itself, top it with a few good toppings, or dip a sandwich in it! Oh and don’t forget the wine 😉 Amazing. Soups are awesome!

Snow and I came up with our soup family favorites today for you to try. Four Favorite Soups For The Fall Season! We have picked only four- although we could probably list a few more!!!  So here is just a sneak peak of what we have chosen for you!

First up it’s Prince Charming’s specialty! French onion soup.  His family always requests this when we are together for gatherings.  His ingredients were always a secret…until now! Ha!

Click here for the full recipe.


Next, its the Huntsman’s manly choice- Pumpkin Chili (because it just wouldn’t be fall without pumpkin, right?)  When I first heard “pumpkin” in my chili I was a little hesitant- but no fear!! It is mouth watering delicious!!!

Click here for the full recipe.


Now it’s my kids favorite, chicken noodle soup.   This is really easy to throw together although I do a little something different with the chicken and the broth!  We use all types of noodles too.  Our favorite noodles are the amish noodles.

Click here for the full recipe.


Last, but not least is Snow White’s Taco Soup.  Need something to throw together in a hurry but are sick of Taco Tuesdays (can I get an amen on that!)?   Then this soup is for you.  Throw it in and eat!

Click here for full recipe.


Let us know if you try any of these out and like them!  What are your favorite soups for fall?

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