8 Must Have Fall Diffuser Blends

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I don’t know about you but ever since about mid-August I have been dreaming of fall and everything that comes with it. My essential oils diffuser blends help get me in the Fall spirit. When I think of fall I just feel more relaxed, more peaceful.  I think of campfires and roasted marshmallows, crunchy leaves of every warm color, cozy sweaters at night, hot teas, ciders and chocolate, PUMPKIN SPICE ERRYTHING 🙂 , and fall foods that are warming to the soul.  Every year while I am melting in the 95 degree (hotter than Satan’s left arm pit) weather I feel like maybe I can convince Mother Nature to bring fall a little early just merely by making my house smell of it.

Pumpkin spice, cinnamon, apples, spruce, autumn leaves and decorating everything with my favorite fall colors of oranges, red, browns and yellows. Today…finally, it is raining and the high temperature is mid 70’s.  I absolutely love it.

One of my favorite things to do (besides snuggle by the fire, with a glass of wine) is diffuse my various favorite fall scents.  Diffusing therapeutic grade oils is so much healthier than candles and wax warmers AND..you can be so creative with different blends.  The reason why I choose oils over candles and wax warmers is because they contain chemicals that are harmful to your health when inhaled. Today I wanted to share this wonderful 8 Must Have Fall Diffuser Blends chart with you.  I hope you get as much comfort from it as we do!



If you have never heard of a diffuser for oils you are missing out!! There are a wide variety of diffusers out there available for purchase with varying benefits. Personally, I feel that a lot of times you can buy and inexpensive diffuser and they last just as well as the more expensive ones you can buy.

It is important to diffuse pure therapeutic grade oils though because otherwise you could be diffusing chemicals into the air that are used to dilute the non-pure oils.  You are also missing out on the health benefits that you would otherwise get from the pure oils.  This is the company I use and like best for oils.  

Want to know more about essential oils? Check out this blog post: Getting Started In Essential Oils 


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