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  • Broken: I Threw A Cup

    Faith, Parenting

    Broken. That’s how I felt for a long, long time. Completely shattered, with little hope of being put back together. Depression is a black, seething darkness that grows and seeps into…

  • Stuck


    STUCK…. That’s how I feel most days. Here’s why….   Today was a rough day. No. Scratch that. This week was a rough week. Nope, that’s not it either. This season…

  • faith, walking out your calling, calling, purpose, finding your purpose, mom, homeschool, home education,

    Walking Out Your Calling

    Faith, Parenting

    Its Not Easy…..and Walking Out Your Calling never will be. I am a homeschooling Mama and I am walking out my calling. People think I make biscuits and gravy, bake muffins,…

  • My Mommy Redemption Story


    I’m going to be real open in this post, because it’s time to let some skeletons out of the closet. The truth will set you free, indeed. This is my mommy…

  • 13 reasons why, 13 reasons why not, depression, anxiety, suicide, redemption, hope, you are loved, teens, mom of teens, peer pressure, bullying

    13 Reasons Why NOT

    Faith, Parenting

    I’ll admit I have not seen the new Netflix show 13 Reasons Why.  And I honestly have no interest in watching it. But because of friends and Facebook, I have an…

  • One Last Tea Party


    I’ll admit, I am different.  I am ok with that. Growing up I don’t remember playing with dolls much or doing a ton of “girlie” things…like having a “Tea Party”.  If you…

  • mommy wars, end the hate, stay at home mom, working mom, let's be friends, can't we all just get along, sanctimommy, wine, coffee, homeschool mom, public school mom, breastfeeding, bottle feeding

    Battle Of The Boobs

    Health & Wellness, Parenting

    I remember all too well the first time I went to “battle” with another mom. It was in my postpartum suite, less than twelve hours after laboring for more than eighteen…

  • The Case for God


    We have a lot of kids. We didn’t plan it that way.  It kind of just happened. When we had our first two, I thought I was going insane.  Crazy didn’t…

  • Dear Child, Don’t Follow Your Heart


    Follow your heart. It’s such simple advice. Our culture has embraced this belief as a statement of faith, a gospel that our heart can save us when we are lost and…